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We have all heard of, or idolized, a superhero like Batman, Spiderman, or Superman either as a child or as[...]
Week 24 – Is This the End?
Is this the end? Six months ago when I applied for a pay-it-forward scholarship with the Master Key Experience (aka[...]
Week 23 – You Get What You Give
You get what you give. Yes, we've all heard of this. Most call it karma. For those who believe and[...]
Week 22A – Master of My Emotions
"Today I will be master of my emotions." (Og Mandino) As I awake today, I know that I will find[...]
Week 21 – Think Big
Think BIG! Dare to believe in your own idea. Dare to know that you were meant for greater things in[...]
Shirley Quevedo
Shirley Quevedo

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Hi! My name is Shirley Quevedo. I'm happily married and have a beautiful daughter who has been the blessing of my life. I currently hold a full-time job in a healthcare system but I also enjoy my own home based business where I share the benefits of whole health through great nutrition and skincare.

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